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1. ____________to the same school as you?

A.Is your brother go
B. Does your brother goes
C. Does your brother go
D. Goes your brother

2. Eric______________his guitar last week.

A. selled
B. has sold
C. sold
D. has selled

3. ____________this piece of music before. What's it called? .

A. I hear
B. I heard
C.I've heard
D. I'm hearing

4. ______________ buy it because it's too expensive for her.

A. She doesn't going to
B. She's not going to
C.She not going to
D. She's going to not

5. When ___________ to this country.

A. you came
B. did you came
C. did you come
D. came you

6. ______________ something to eat?

A. Do you want
B. Do you wanting
C. Are you wanting
D. Are you want

7. I'm afraid I _______________ be able to come to your party.

A. willn't
B. don't will
C. won't
D.won't to

8. When you ____________ to the shops, could you get a magazine for me?

A. will go
B. are going
C. go
D. are going to go

9. I'm glad to hear that ____________ happy at the moment.

A. your'e
B. your
C. you're
D. youre

10. ____________ Donna for the first time, she was sitting in a café with some friends.

A. While I saw
B. hen I was seeing
C. When I saw
D. While I was seeing

11. He's my best friend and __________ since I was a child.

A. I've known him
B. I knew him
C. I'm knowing him
D. I know him

12. I've __________ some photographs with me. Would you like to see them?

B. brung

13. __________ carefully to these instructions, they're important.

A. Do listening
B. You listen
C. Listen
D.Be listen

14. I don't know his address because __________ my address book.

A.I forget
B. I've forgotten
C. I've forgetted
D. I've been forgetting

15.__________ do the washing up for you?

A. Will I
B. Shall I to
C. Will I to
D. Shall I

16.__________buses from the airport to the city centre.

A. There are
B. There is
C. They're
D. They are

17.I knew his name because __________ before.

A. we have met
B. we'd meeted
C. we had met
D. we have been meeting

18. Call me as soon as you __________ home.

A.are getting
B. will get
C.are going to get
D. get

19. Which film __________ see tonight?

A. are you going to
B. shall you
C. do you
D. will you

20. I'm sorry, __________ the answer to your question.

A. I not know
B. I'm not knowing
C. I'm not know/td>
D. I don't know

21.Please be quiet. __________ an important letter.

A. I writing
B. I'm writing
C. I'm writting
D. I am writeing

22.Last summer I __________ with some friends in Belgium for three weeks.

A. have stayed
B. was staying
C. stayed
D. had stayed

23.A fantastic new clothes shop __________ in the town centre.

A. has just opened
B. just has opened
C. did just open
D. has opened just

24.We __________ to France last week, we went by train.

A. didn't flew
B. didn't flied
C. didn't fly
D. didn't flyed

25.This area __________ to have a lot of factories but there are not many now.

A. uses
B. used
C. use
D. is used

26.Val is a good student and she __________ very hard.

A. studyes
C. studies
D. studes

27.__________ a book about the history of this country?

A. Have ever you read
B. Have you ever readed
C. Have you read ever
D. Have you ever read

28.Don't make a decision __________ absolutely sure.

A.until you are
B. before you will be
C.until you are
D. before you be

29.What __________ on TV in the evening?

A. does your boyfriend usually watch
B. is usually your boyfriend watching
C. does your boyfriend usually watches
D. is your boyfriend usually watching

30.When the rain __________, we all went into the garden.

A. was stopping
B. stoped
C. was stopped
D. stopped

31.I'm sorry I'm late. How long __________ here?

A. have you sat
B. did you sit
C. are you sitting
D. have you been sitting

32.__________ student at a college in this town?

A. Are you
B. You are a
C. You're
D. Are you a

33 .Wait here. __________ a taxi to take us home.

A. I find
B. I'm finding
C. I'll find
D. I go to find

34 .They __________ because of illness.

A. werent at college last week
B. weren't at college last week
C. weren't last week at college
D. wasn't at college last week

35 .I don't know what Frank is doing these days because __________ to him for months.

A. I haven't spoken
B. I didn't speak
C. I'm not speaking
D.I don't speak

36. Two of my friends __________ married next week.

A. will get
B.shall get
C. are getting
D. do get

37. I don't know the latest news because I __________ a few days.

A. haven't read a newspaper for
B.didn't read a newspaper since
C. didn't read a newspaper for
D. haven't read a newspaper since

38. Two of my friends __________ married next week.

A. isn't shining
B.not shining
C. isn't shinning not shineing

39. I ran to the station but the train __________ .

A. had already left
B.left already
C. has left already
D. already had left

40. __________ . Nothing terrible is going to happen.

A. Not worry
B.Don't to worry
C. You don't worry
D. Don't worry

41. Tom __________ me to the airport in his car tomorrow morning.

A. will taking
C. is taking
D. shall take

42. I might buy a new keyboard but __________.

A. I didn't decide yet
B.I yet haven't decided
C. I haven't decided yet
D. I didn't yet decide

43. __________ fun at this party?

A. Have you
B.shall get
C. Do you have
D. Are you having

44. Nowadays, Anna __________ to nightclubs very often.

A. uses not to go
B.doesn't go
C. doesn't use to go
D. isn't used to go

45. Roberta isn't here this week. __________ to a conference.

A. She's been
B.She went
C. She's gone
D. She's went

46. When __________ reading this book, you can borrow it.

A. I've finished
B.I'll finish
C. I'm going to finish
D. I'm finishing

47. James wants a new car and __________ months.

A. he has been saving for
B.he has saved since
C. he has saving since
D.he has been saved for

48. My parents __________ the kind of music I play at home.

A. doesn't like
B.not like
C. don't like
D. doesn't likes

49.My computer is only two weeks old but __________ three times. already has broken down
B.already it breaks down
C. it has already broken down
D. it has broken down already

50. I didn't hear what she said because __________ about something else.

A. I thought
B.I was thinking
C. I did think
D.I was thought