AELL English Course Outline

Introducing AELL-Basic-english: Acceltated English language learning is powerful English course designed for all level students supported with memory aids and mindfulness techniques

Designed for students wanting to improve their English skills in all areas and increase their confidence using English in everyday situations.

Student will:

  • Learn how to use the correct pronunciation of vocabulary.
  • Have discussions about news and current affairs.
  • Use well-known textbooks along with additional supporting materials and learning resources.
  • Learn how to learn (Strategies for learning English).
  • Have computer room sessions, which form part of the course.

The full-time course also includes Practical English Skills classes that complement the AELL English classes.

Learning outcome:

Reading: to be able to read and understand language and descriptions of topics from a variety of texts.

Writing: to be able to write describing impressions, feelings and experiences and to write about familiar topics.

listening: to be able to understand familiar topics and be able to understand speech on a variety of subjects such as work, school, leisure and the main points when listening to current affairs.

Speaking: to be able to talk about familiar topics and to give explanations and reasons for opinions, past actions and future plans. Also to recount the story of a book or film and deal with most situations in an English speaking environment.

Grammar: to be able understand and apply the body of rules surrounding English grammar in everyday contexts, including the use of nouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, tenses, sentence structure and phrases.

Vocabulary Topics: develop vocabulary connected with topics such as leisure, work and employment, entertainment, travel, home and money. Use adjectives to describe character, relationships, feelings and the like including opposite and negative adjectives.


Students sit a comprehensive written and oral placement test on their first day, to place them in the class most suitable for them. Assessment is continuous throughout the course; students are formally tested every 6 weeks and receive regular feedback from their teachers.


Upon completion of the course students should be able to communicate with a greater understanding of the English language structure, including: grammar points, English sounds and intonation patterns, reading skills, writing fluency and conversation skill

Course length

8--50 weeks




14 years


Beginner to Advanced (4 levels)


Full-time: 32 hours

Part-time: 16 hours


Full time: 8,000 Birr per term

Part-time: 4,000 Birr per term

*one-term equals two months
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