Natnaelmemoryschool of mind building

Special Kiremt course for all students

consciouness(mindfullness): The art of bringing focus(attention)

  • Understanding how the mind operates (thought and feeling)
  • Developing sharp attention
  • Taming the mind
  • Dissolving fear (self-doubt)
  • Exercising true confidence
  • Enjoying what you do/learn (Effortless doing)
  • The art of discipline (Commitment)
  • Breaking free from any kind of addiction (Social Media addiction) without pain dissolving limiting mind pattern (Belief / Paradigm )

Memory art and Mind Mapping

  • Mastering remembering techniques (link, Peg, Substitute , Mind Mapping)
  • Learning study techniques (Concept, Fact, Vocabulary, Figures, Pictures)
  • The art of mastering (Overlearning)
  • Time Management (Exploring different philosophy of time managment and implementing them practically) Applicable time management tool

School level

high school and higher education


age above 12


1.Mon & Thu: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm 2.Tues & Fri: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm 4.Tues & Fri: 11:am - 12:30 pm

Time to complete

8 weeks

class size

6 students in class because of Covid-19


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Our physical address:

Gurd Sholla , infront of Civil Service University ,Safway Supermaket, Rim 7 Bldg. Office No. 507